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Dunedin Information

Located in the south east of New Zealand on the Otago Peninsula, Dunedin is the largest city in the Otago region and the second largest in the South Island.  Dunedin became New Zealand's first official city, and was the largest population centre in the country until about 1900. Founded by English and Scottish settlers (and still retaining a strong sense of this heritage and a Scottish flavour), Dunedin was a boom town during the New Zealand gold rush of the 1860s, and continued to thrive afterwards. Today it has a population of about 122,000 people.


Dunedin's largest industry is tertiary education and the city is home to New Zealand's first university, the University of Otago, famous for its medical school. The city contains a large and vibrant student population. The University is still a prestigious institution, and together with the Otago Polytechnic and the Dunedin College of Education forms a strong tertiary education presence in the city centre.  Dunedin is home to a number of excellent restaurants, as well as a thriving café and bar scene, and offers unique shopping options that include local clothing designers, art galleries and antique shops.

Dunedin is the site or jumping-off point for a huge range of both natural and cultural attractions both in the city and around the wider region, including:

…and much more - more than can be listed here! There are a huge variety of things to see and do on offer in the city and around the region – more information can be found at the Dunedin City Council's Visitor Centre website.